UPVC vs wooden doors – Which is better and why?

The doors and windows carved out of woods cannot withstand external pressures for a long time. When you use wooden doors continuously for years, the latch or other parts may suddenly break. You must remodel your bedrooms and hallways with UPVC doors and windows.

You must approach reputed upvc profile manufacturing in salem and discuss your requirements. You can buy high quality UPVC doors and windows from branded upvc profile manufacturing in salem and fix them according to your needs.

You can also refurbish your office space with UPVC doors and stay comfortably for years. The differences between wooden and UPVC doors are listed below.

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  • Wooden doors may shrink or enlarge during seasons. You may struggle while closing the doors and windows when wooden doors and windows shrink or enlarge during cold or winter seasons. On the other hand, UPVC doors will not shrink or enlarge during seasons.
  • Wooden doors are heavier than UPVC doors.
  • Wooden doors may crack when used roughly or frequently. UPVC doors will not crack for years.
  • Wooden doors need regular maintenance. UPVC doors needs less maintenance.
  • UPVc doors are rigid, flexible and sturdy.

Considering the above facts, UPVC doors are better than wooden doors and windows.