Do holiday homes in Dubai have permit rooms?

The number of international tourists visiting Dubai has increased multi-fold in the recent years. This news has come as a big surprise to Dubai tourism industry which provides best support and assistance to tourists, business travelers and visitors.

The reason behind the increase is that the holiday homes and service apartments in Dubai have relaxed their rules and regulations to a great extent.

Foreigners choose to stay in reputed furnished short stay apartments in Dubai and spend their moments happily with others. The furnished short stay apartments in Dubai permit their customers to drink alcohol provided they follow all the rules and regulations properly.

If you are found behaving rudely or obnoxiously after drinking alcohol, the authorities in holiday homes will take legal actions against you.  Before booking a room in service apartments or holiday homes, you should check whether the service provider has valid license and permit.

As far as Dubai is concerned, most of the holiday homes which have valid liquor permit allow their customers to drink. Do not drink and drive on roads. It is a punishable offense in Dubai city. Misbehaving with others in Public in drunken state is also a punishable offense. Stay in your room and drink liquors. You can buy liquors from licensed vendors and store them inside your holiday home room.

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