DTCP approved plots Vs Luxury Apartments in Kumbakonam

Is investing in land a risky proposal? When you type this sentence and post it on reputed search engines, you will get surprising answers. Stop searching for answers and do a thorough research before buying Lands in Kumbakonam.

Buying DTCP approved Lands in Kumbakonam is a safe long term investment. The plot owners can get huge profits when they sell their properties after few years from the date of purchase. You can also grow high yielding plants like sandal, rosewook and teakwood plants in the vacant plots and sell them through government agencies.

The prices of DTCP approved plots in the city of Kumbakonam are lesser than ready-to-move apartments. The market value of DTCP approved plots will increase steadily in the next few years. So, you can sell at best prices.

The building value will not increase rather it will come down in the future. The value of land will only appreciate in future and never depreciate. You can transfer the plots to third parties, real estate firms and others and gain profits.

The maintenance expenses of luxury apartments is higher than vacant plots. The plot promoters will look into the security aspects after you buy the plots. In case of apartments or individual homes, the sole responsibility of safety and security of the properties rest with the owner.

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