Construction Lifting.

You have a project and we can lift it. With or Without road access >>>>>>the sky is our limit.

[ We meet all of your lifting needs ]

HVAC, Roofing, Steel Construction, & More

HVAC and Mechanical Contractors

  • Package units, Vent fans, Makeup air units, and Heaters
  • Exhaust Stacks
  • Single or Multi-story buildings
  • Placement of ducting and piping

Roofing and Building Maintenance

  • Rapid placement of new material
  • Removal of old materials
  • Roofing Materials
  • Window washing equipment and rigging
  • Lifting of misc construction equipment and materials

Steel and Concrete Construction

  • Placement of posts, beams, and structural elements
  • Lifting of sheet goods
  • Construction equipment
  • Haul concrete without costly roads and access ways
  • Not limited by inclement weather/ground conditions

Electrical Utility

  • Placement of poles and structures with NO ground equipment
  • Lifting and support in areas where cranes cannot go


  • Lifting of towers and components in difficult areas
  • Faster than cranes lifts
  • Quick and efficient lifting of tools and equipment
  • More cost efficient than a crane lift

Construction Lifting

AirGo Flight provides a productive and practical solution during every phase of your construction project. Here are just a few…

  • Faster than a crane
  • Few access problems
  • Less damage than a crane with little environmental impact
  • Highly trained and certified crew
  • OSHA certified and Hazmat Trained
  • 5 Decades of excellent work and satisfied clients

Equipped with a certified flight crew, we didn’t have to worry about anything. They also came prepared with fuel and extra supplies. Thank you AirGo Flight!

We are experienced

We Have Over 50 Years of Experience in The Aviation Industry

With time comes experience and we have learned alot over the last 50 years. Mainly…how to provide the optimal experience for our clients, while saving them time and money with every project. We take pride in being the BEST within our industry…the Aviation Experts.

AirGo is known for

Providing the Highest Quality Aviation Services In the Country

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