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Our drone sales & services are provided through one of our companies, AgMax. 


We proudly sell and service DJI drones and equipment. Whether you’re an amateur or professional, you’re using a drone for business or pleasure, whatever the reason, we’re here to suit your needs. The highest quality drone at the best price. 




  • Infrastructure visual, Infrared inspection
  • Vegetation control…NO HUMAN CONTACT
  • Infrastructure security

agricultural services


  • Airport environment inspection day and night
  • Controlling pests, vegetation, foreign object damage, debris, and intruders
  • Live video/infrared feed to aid maintenance and security personnel



  • Inspect standing crop for disease, pests and invasive plants
  • Multispectral image capability to assist in planning for aerial application
  • Targeted chemical application for Precision Agriculture needs
  • Day to Night operation capability

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